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Vertical Glandless Pump

Vertical Glandless Pump

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Vertical Glandless Pumps are offered without Stuffing Box and Seals & Bearings. These Vertical Glandless Pumps are designed as per the industrial standards for quality. The ground-breaking design of this Vertical Glandless Pump helps in ensuring hassle-free operations. Also, such a design of this Vertical Glandless Pump makes it leak-proof and easy to maintain. This Vertical Glandless Pump is manufactured using the materials and components that are resistant to abrasive as well as corrosive fluids.

Principle veritical Glandless Pumps :
The Fluidmatic Vertical Glandless Pump is similar in hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump. The design is such that the need for any form of mechanical seal, packed gland, internal bearings, stuffing box is eliminated by allowing a controlled leakage of the liquid being pumped to return to the suction tank by way of an overflow connection in the upper body of the pump.

The most widely used method of installing a glandless pump is to mount the pump in the vertical position beside the feed tank and positioned so that the pump impeller is flooded at normal maximum liquid level in the vessel the pump therefore primed. When the pump is started up it will deliver liquid until the suction pipe becomes uncovered when it can be allowed to run dry until the liquid leved is restored to the point where re-priming can take place. This cycle of operation may be repeated indefinitely.

Advantages of Vertical Glandless Pumps :
  • The ability of Fluidatic glandless pumps to run completely dry without ill effect is used will advantage in applications requiring the continuous transfer of corrosive liquids, with a high degree of reliability. Hence removes once cause of breakdown which is often attributable to the human element. The most important gains to be derived from the use of glandless pumps are in the sphere of maintenance and the consequent reduction in down-time production losses. Normal maintenance on the Fluidmatic glandless pump is confined to lubrication of the driving motor bearings.
  • The majority of applications for which the pump is used, involve continuous circulation, for example gas scrubbers and heat exchanger circulating pumps, disposal of acid effiuent.

Material Characteristics : Superiority of Pe-Uhmw over Conventional Materials
All watted parts of these pumps are pressure-cast in solid sturdy construction in pe-uhmw the versatile engineering thermoplastic exhibiting superior properties such as self lubricating, very low coefficient of friction, almost zero moisture absorption, fatigue resistance, excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, lightweight, wide service temperature capability from â 270 oC to 70oC. However at higher temperatures up to 90oC it shows remarkable stability and Fluidmatic pumps can be used up to this temperature for continuous service, though its resistance to wear due to slurry pumping is affected.

The high molecular weight gives increase in wear resistance, increase in impact strength, dimensional stability under heat, energy absorption capacity at high loading rates, melt viscosity hence stiffer flow properties. Pe-Uhmw shows remarkable resistance for wide range of chemicals exhibits exceptional abrasion resistance comparable to Ni-Hard, Hv-9A , Si-Iron, Alloy-20, hastelloy and far outwears stainless steel, rubber, polypropylene or any other polymers in handling highly abrasive slurries.

Some of Its Typical Applications to date :
H3 P04, 18% - 24% H2 Sif6 with 5% - 7% silica, H2SO4 , HF and their mixutres with or without solid (Gypsum) up to 40% conc. Replaces hv-9A, alloy-20 & Si-iron. Chorinated brine, Conc. Hci, 60% - 70% H2SO4 at 80 oC.

Scrubbed liquids containing F, Ci, So2, Ammonia gases etc. With solids. Replaces Hastelloy.
  • Spin Bath solutions ( H2SO4, Znso4, Na2 So4 etc.)
  • Carbide Sludge with sand, 40% Tio2 Slurry, Alcohol with 5% gypsum slurry etc, Acidic effiuents sludge containing cell brine, phosphoric acid sand and phosphates
  • Other applications are in metal refineries, pickling installations, paper & Fertilizer plants, Cement plants, sugar plants, in fact all Chemical process industries.

Range of Performance : Because Fluidmatic Vertical Glandless pumps do not have any packing, bushes or internal bearings, full advantage can be taken of available drive speed. The pump can run at 1450 and 2900 RPM. Respectively and a range of impeller diameters for each pump sizes gives wide spread of performance. In general the range covers flows up to 300M3 /hr. And discharge up to 60 meters.

Applications of Pe-Uhmw Material in other industries :
  • Textile Industry : For pickers, lug straps, picking caps, shuttle keys, etc.
  • Engineering industry : Gears, Rollers, snow Mobile sprockets, Guide bars, non Abrasive strips, etc.
  • Food Industry : Screw conveyours for pulps & fruit purees, conveyors units & guide & reversing rollers for filling and labeling machines, piping in food and beverage industry
  • Coal & Mining : Lining of conveying machinery, chute, vibrators, air separators, coal bunkers, etc.
  • Ship Building / Port : Cargo- hold lining, fenders
  • Slurry transport : Transportation of sand and slurries through pipelines
  • Electroplating : Fittings, bellows, plating drums, gear wheel, Beaing shells guide rollers, etc.
  • Electrical Industry : Insulating components for high & very high frequencies


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